In Runtime
So my last post was about saving and buy all at once or piece by piece. Now on to the actuall project. I'm working on a computer that will be my first 64 bit system that I will be using for CS5. Also this is the first computer were I will buying the materials for this computer and not having a friend of mine take what I want to spend on it and do the building and purchasing. Should I try to get in to a 1366 board that will leave me with more upward space as I go along? Right now I'm working with 700 and that number will probably go up as I get closer to my build time.

I'm also a wow player (heckle if you like) so I would like the system to be able to game as well as process batch files (not at the same time). I also have a month old ATI 5770 and was wondering if I should double it up and set it up as crossfire ? Suggestions?

Thanks again, Glad I found this forum.