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Hi all, as you can see i'm new here. I'm somewhat computer savvy but not enough.
I need some advice for updating a laptop I have...
It's a compaq presario 700US notebook, specs below:
XP sp2
Mobile AMD Duron 4 900 MHz
240 mb sdram
thats probably everything you really need to know.
alright, i have a few questions.
it's a pretty old computer, i think my dad bought it in 2000 or 2001. It's never really been that good of a computer to be honest, but he doesn't use it and I want a laptop for college so I see an upgrade opportunity possibly. I don't personally care about graphics or sound or anything like that. I just want it to run faster. It doesn't have to be top of the line but I can't stand how slow it is and I'm really not in the position to be able to buy a new laptop. I'm just looking for a cheap way to get this thing running faster so I can use it at school.
I was looking to just pop in some more ram and get it running faster. It runs pc133 sdram and what i was wondering is does it HAVE to be pc133 or can i get any sdram and use it in there?
other than that, i have no idea what else i should upgrade if anything. so if anyone could just give me some suggestions on what i can do to get it running better i'd really appreciate that.
if anyone thinks it's not even worth the update, point me in the direction of some cheap laptops that i might be able to work with.


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Any speed of RAM will fit, but PC133 is recommended, because it's the fastest. You can upgrade the RAM, but for the CPU, I'm afraid it could be soldered in.

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Yea, there really isn't much you can do with that old laptop other than install more memory. The only type you can use is PC133 SODIMMs.


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He can use PC66 or 100, just that the PC133 will be clocked down. It's mainly performance looking.

And no, that RAM you mention will noot even fit in. The type of RAM is different than the one you have.