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How dose one make money with a website? I know a site like has an obvios way of geting money.....
But how about game news sites, some fan sites. Do these sites get money from the ads on their pages? if so how dose the ad get there? do u have to invite companys to leave an ad at your page and they will pay u?

I never really got this question answerd to me so Im kind of confused.
If someone by any chance can offer a good or any explanation, I would be most thankfull :D
There are NO stupid questions!

There are lots of different ways to make money on websites. You can find a better discussion of websites with Tech Forum's partner forum, Webmaster-Talk Forum.
In general, some webmasters sign up with different programs to put advertisements on their site. There are also several different ways that people get paid for the ads; from clicks, to views, to referrals, to leads, to..........etc., etc.

Others sell space for ads on their sites. It might be from other webmasters or from programs that collect advertisers for you.

That's brief and very general, but I hope it helps. :)
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