Stupid nvidia drivers Shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL DESK.CPL,,3 ?!

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Ok i used to still use the 29.45 version of the nvidia drivers (XP) for my Geforce 4 MX 420. Today i tried installing the latest drivers but when i restart and try to go to the geforce settings menu XP gives me an error 'An exception has ocurred (...) Shell32.dll, Control_RunDLL DESK.CPL,,3 ?!
Im on a dell pc 933Mhz with 256mb...
Anyone know what to do? I tried reinstalling the old drivers and the new but XP keeps giving me errors :mad:
Plz help! Tnx in advance...
try to uninstall your driver and restart xp. XP will alert you bout your graphics card as a new hardware...then run the driver program. if this does not work try the nvidia detonator XP drivers (preferably the v43.45).
I believe you could do either one of two things here too,,

1) use the rollback feature in XP to restore your system to a date prior to the change of drivers,,

2) delete the card, uninstall the drivers, reboot, let the machine find the card, and use the detonator 43.45 drivers as Devilish suggests,,

I have a GF4 Mx440 ,, and went through a similiar exercise,, the 43.45 drivers did the trick for me though,,

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