stupid fan power cable length!!!


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I'm a it stressed :(

I got all the parts today in the post finally, and I first took out all the fans (keeping the CPU fan/heatsink in place for the moment), and then tried to fit the new 120mm fan for the front.

Well, I came to want to plug it in (uses the motherboard connections, while my old one didn't) and the cord isn't long enough.

I then went to connect the two 80mm fans for the back in the same way. Again...not long enough :(

So I haven't even tried with the CPU heatsink yet (Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 PRO). Knowing my luck today, it won't fit on this motherboard or something (though a review did have this board running).

Plus, the 80mm fan I did manage to connect up by using the North Bridge fan connector (the wrong one really, as the ones I need are all stupidly placed at the bottom of the motherboard under the sound card!) is even though its supposed to be really quiet and temperature controlled, has a noticable low wine to it, though I guess its not as noisy as my old fan was.

This is soo annoying, and because its hot/I'm tired, I haven't had the patience today :(

Its possible to buy extension cables for 3 pin power cables right for motherboard connections, because I went to MicroDirect, and they don't seem to sell them?
If not, I'm totally stuffed, and will probably complain for not making them long enough.

Arrgghh :(


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Man, that really sucks. Did you check at TigerDirect or Newegg if they have something like those extension cords? Maybe you need a better PSU, with longer cables. Idk, good luck with this problem!

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I have one of those problems, well not really. My cheap mdg cpu heatsink fan cracked, so i had to replace it. I went to every store and asked, and they said it doesn't exist. So i went and bought a 120 mm fan, and I just screwed it to the side panel, with screw from home hardware, and it works fine. Im 14 years old, and im not so sure how old You are, but I would propably try to improvise if i were you. Id try to get an extension cord for it, i have around 2, so ya, try to improvise


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I can buy 3 pin power connectors, so thats okay.

Anyhow, I've just managed to connect up my Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 PRO to my computer.

It took a while, because the old heatsink basically took the CPU off with it, but I managed to get all the gunk off.

Anyhow, I power it up...and...

I'm not impressed by the CPU temps at all, though the case cooling isn't all in place yet, but the case side is open.

The CPU is still about 42 degrees C when idle, and 58 degress now when being worked :( *cries*

I don't get it...


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How much thermal paste have you got on? And how messy are your wires, and, how good is your airflow?


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Did you remove the old thermal paste with TIM cleaner, how much of the new stuff did you put on and what type was it?


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I did make sure all the old paste was removed. I could see no trace of it on the cpu ide.

After powering up, (this time after making sure the case is upright, and after finally connecting all the fans),

the CPU idle is 43 degrees C (no change then), and when worked is, 48 degrees C ( real change, though I'm sure this will increase even more when playing games)... though I better wait until the paste on the heatsink dries (because they say this makes the results slightly better)

I didn't need to add any more. It already had some good thermal compound made by them on it, which works better than the other products with this heatsink.

The computers still louder than I imaged it to be though...

And I was hoping system temps would drop to room temps (31 degrees C) but this hasn't happened. System temps are still around 37 degrees C.

But yeah, temps are not what I imaged them to be either. I expected the heatsink/fan to drop it by loads.

I mean, what I also don't get, is how my USB drive, when plugged in shoots the CPU temps from 43 degrees C, straight away to 47 degrees C. Why?!

...Not a happy bunny :(


For some reason also, though the new fans pointing towards the back, the GPU temperature is now 65 degrees C idle, when it used to be 50 degrees C

I have the back fans pulling in air, and the 1 big 120mm blowing out air. Thats the way it was before, and it helped, rather than switching this.

I can't now decide to change it back, and have the air towards the front being dragged in, because it'd mean unclipping the CPU heatsink...


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After that rant, I did more customisation:

I've unplugged the fans running in AUX1/2 positions on the motherboard (cant be controlled with UGuru for some reason on my motherboard), and only put one of the two I bought in, so one can be controlled at least at the back blowing in.

I then have the Heatsink/fan facing towards the back sucking in the cold air being brought in by the 80mm fan.

The heat is then being exausted by the 120mm fan at the front.


I tried using this to lower speeds, but couldn't work with my motherboard.

I got them quiet though using the built in temperature sensing utility in Uguru.


I then used this program to drop the 3D speeds of the GPU core down to 25%, and that helped ALOT.

The core is 65 degrees idle, but even before I dropped it, it was that temperature for some reason.


CPU is quiet now, but temps idle are 45-47 degrees C. I don't understand. From reviews this should be dramatically lower than they are.

Compared with my old stock heatsink, its quieter at lower speeds, yet, the temperatures are reletiviely exactly the same.

I even increased the speed of the fan to its loudest (about the same as the stock), and the temps stayed the same!