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How much of a difference performance-wise is there between an NForce2 and a KT400? I want to build a computer quickly, but I don't feel like waiting until the NForce2 boards get fixed:confused: . So can anyone tell me the performance differences, as well as the feature differences? I want to play a lot of Warcraft 3, Battlefield 1942, and Neverwinter Nights. Stuff like that. I'm getting a lot of RAM..everything is top of the line, so I just want to know the chipset stuff.
Lol. Sorry, Micro..I forget things a lot!! Yea, so that would be really cool if you did that! And I was planning on the A7V8X..seems worthy of purchase..but let me know.
The n-Force 2 chipset is superb indeed, in single ram set up the KT400 has an advantage. When the n-Force 2 is set to use dual channel ddr it out performs the KT400 by far. The chipset is super fast and delivers great top-notch performance, in all cases except for a few exceptions the n-Force 2 chipset outperforms the KT400 currently. Check the EpoX 8rda+, it's a awesome mainboard with n-Force 2 (MCP-T) and gives great ocing and performance. Here is a review on some n-Force 2 based boards
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