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Australia, Brisbane
Hi All!

I am currently seeking an really strong bass or subwoofer, that you can feel in your bones. Unfortunately I am unsure where to look first, can anyone please make some recommendations, by any chance?

Any assistance be greatly appreciated.


Joe C

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Great Lakes State
Well there are a other things to consider, The first would be... What kind of amp and where is it going to be located, as far as the things in the room and size of the space it will be in? Room acoustics do have a factor with audio.
What amp and speakers are you currently using to connect a sub too?

Wallaby Dan

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Mine is 400 watts and 10 inch sub that if,, i turn it up will move my chair around. Other things as well. Can't remember the brand, i got it at the on-base PX. I have it turned back so i can watch movies without making my Nephews chair in the next room to vibrate. Room size is 10X12. Wood floors and have a carpet square under the sub to keep other noises from vibrating, (Rattle) Even cut back to lowest settings still can rock pretty good. My fish in the water tank will ,Dance.. to the sounds. Weird to watch

PP Mguire

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Going to need a lot more info. What's your current sound setup, what is this going to be used for, is this home theater or a PC setup, movies/TV or games, size of the room, do you have the rest to complement a large subwoofer setup, budget, size of room, carpet or solid flooring, etc.
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