Streamlabs OBS latency issue


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I've been doing test streams on youtube using Streamlabs OBS. The issue im having is that whenever i add a source to a scene such as a picture/video/audio or any source, it runs smooth on my end but on the viewer end, there's a very long delay (15-30 secs) before they see the new source. Hoping someone can help me with this. I've had this issue on my IMAC which is pretty powerful. So i'm certain it's not a CPU issue. i've tried many different settings in streamlabs & nothing has worked.

PP Mguire

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Fort Worth, Texas
There is a natural delay between what you do locally and what viewers see on Youtube. Other platforms have delay too, but it varies. This has nothing to do with your machine or internet connection, and everything to do with the platform you're streaming on. You can try low latency mode in the settings but I'm not sure how much that'll help.
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