Strange(?) noise from monitor

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i just bought a new monitor 2 days ago, a Samsung SyncMaster 757DFX. i have no problems with it, it's working great. i have a few questions though:

1. when the computer is turned off, the monitor goes to energie-saving mode, and turns off itself. only the green led is blinking. now, if i get closer to it, i can hear a barely audible hissing noise, or something like that. is that normal? when the monitor starts to cool down, the noise is a bit louder, but far from loud, i can hear it only when i listen very carefully.
2. should i turn off the monitor when i don't use if for an hour or two?
3. is it recomended to use this monitor on a resolution of 1280x1024@85Hz? will this shorten the life of the monitor?

I work with 6 of the exact same model and I hear no hissing noises after a shut down and the monitor enters standby. If the noise stops after you shut off the monitor, then by all means...just turn it off.

lcd monitors have a native resolution that they should be run at for optimal clarity and life. that will be denoted in the manual.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the SyncMaster 757DFX a flat CRT? According to the manual, 1280x1024 @85hz is one of the recommended resolutions, so I'd say it's not going to shorten its life span or anything.

As for the noise, all the CRT monitors I've ever had have made some kind of noise whe shutting off. I'd think it's probably normal, but if you want to be sure you can check with Samsung tech support.
yes, this is a flat CRT. and i don't mean the noise when the monitor actually switches off itself, i hear it _after_. but i asked somebody who has the same monitor, and he said his monitor does the same thing.
757 dfx

Hi !

I Hope that your monitor still works !

I have one too, bought a few days ago. Making standby noise.

When I turn it on on standby there is noise, after turn it off on standby, it depends for how much did I work with it, when it cools down then it starts to make noise.But there is no noise at least for two hours after working with it.

Also I have one 757 MB in my office, with noise too. They are both for Russian market, may be that is the reason for that ?

Anyway it would be very nice if you could tell me if you had any problems with it. And if you find any information why is this happening. Some capacitors perhaps ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi cemc, I have the same monitor. And I'm
sure your monitor has no problem.

If you don't use it a few hours or longer, you don't need to turn off it (I think better you keep it on).

Ok, and if your display card is strong enough, you can use your monitor on a resolution of 1280x1024 85Hz.

I think you have a best choice.(It's not the advertisement for Samsung)

my computer's making a loud.. well it sounds almost like a lawnmower.. ohh wait.. lemme turn the HSF down, nevermind guys ;)... if it works, why worry right?
"They are both for Russian market, may be that is the reason for that ?

Yes because the russian market just loves messing with their american customers monitors.
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