Strange behaviour: Everything Launches Photoshop

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I've been getting very strange, odd behaviour on one of my desktops at home. I'm also kind of at a loss to explain how it got this, but here is the issue:
  • When windows starts up, it nearly always launches photoshop
  • Nearly all the program shortcut icons on the task bar, start menu and desktop have changed themselves to be the photoshop icon
  • when you hover the mouse over the icon, it tells you what it is (eg iTunes, Internet Explorer etc), but when you select it, Photoshop launches in stead

So other symptoms and things that I've noted are
  • The computer is running Windows 7 is most but not all the updates installed
  • If you launch one of the other programs such as Powerpoint by double clicking on a powerpoint file, the correct program launches and appears to behave as normal.
  • My father was using the machine just prior to this issue happening and reports that he didn't do anything apart from dragging a file off his MP3 player and putting it into his documents folder (issue then occured on the next restart).
  • If I right click on one of the shortcuts and bring up the properties, it appears to have the right Target (ie has path to the exe for the relevant application), but it still only launches photoshop.

So I'm at a loss as to how to what has caused this issue, and how to fix short of an erase and install which I'm hoping to be able to avoid. Any help on this will be much appreciated
Issue now resolved.

Digging around a bit more on the computer I found that I could launch applications from the actual exe file, or by one of their document files. But when ever I created a shortcut it would revert back to launching photoshop.

This led me to check the file association for the shortcut file with lnk extension and discovered that this had been set to photoshop. Reset this back to default (needed to do some registry edits) and now all good
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