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I think, it is safe to say, we are still in recession. Market Report - May. 7, 2010

On an unrelated note, anyone know of the ACTUAL unemployment percentage? As the one broadcasted only counts the people that ARE receiving un-employment checks and doesn't count the ones that still can't find a job, and can't get un-employment, such as me.

(Please keep political views of this out, just economical information and chat.)
From what I read the 1000 point drop was due to automatic algorithmic computer trades. Not exactly sure what is going on there.

It will be real interesting to see how the Euro pans out over the next few months. A decreasing Euro is good for me but not necessarily for US exports to the Euro Zone.

How the Chinese make changes if any to the value of their currency will have some major effects as well.

I read somewhere that approximately 1 in 6 men aged 25 to 50 (prime working years) were unemployed with many of the jobs the held (construction and manufacturing) will not be returning.

Will the US gain back some jobs from China if their currency is more properly valued? Illegal Immigration (lets not go there)? Housing? Trade deficit?

Yeah lots of interesting trends to watch for the remainder of the fiscal year.
Yea, I heard there was some form of glitch, human, or computer, that is still being "investigated", but, if I remember right, when the stocks first started to plung,(2008) it was American, then china, then euro, that is, if I remember right. It is all just a big circle.

But at this point, we don't need anymore decrease in the economy, though, lower stocks means lower gas prices in general, we just had a $0.30 spike in the past 48 hours in my area, and that, didn't go over well with people.
I am/was on my last extension for my unemployment so I was very close to completely running out of benefits. My layoff did happen under January 1st of 2009 but there were loads of layoffs before mine (at least around here there were).

The unemployment numbers are skewed badly and it is being done for political reasons (and that will be left right there). Each week the news has the number of NEW claims which are those filing for the first time. NEW claims mean more jobs lost... and yet we are told that things are getting better...? My personal opinion is that this will take a long, long time to get back on an even keel.

And, yeah, gas prices are going nuts. I put $20 in my Escort and only got half a tank. That is so screwed it's not even funny. The oil companies are using the excuse of the oil spill in the Gulf to jack prices. HELLO! If you ain't BP it doesn't affect you!
Yha, I like high gasses prices.... Don't have a car, and I work for a company whos main customers is the oil industry....

I like to work, so high prices means they loosen thier wallets.

The market is also having "issues" because of Greeces former creative accounting.

Hef, doesn't a Tank of gas get you around Sweden like 3 times ;) j/k
It didn't help that someone made a typo and hit Enter when they sold 100 million stocks. They hit B (billion) instead of M (million) on that number haha....yikes!
^Thats whats so great about Europe... They actually make it more affordable to use a mass transit than your own personal car.

Unfortunately N.A. is very spread out and that'd only work in regions.
It costs me £30 ($44 US) to fill my car up. Unfortunately it only did 170 miles on it. :( It is cheaper than going by public transport in the UK though. Bus and train prices are high and the quality is not as good as Europe.
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