Still fighting


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Hey Guys, I just wanted to drop in and leave a brief update on what's been going on in my life.

Long story short, My other half and I decided to go our seperate ways, But she remained quite hostile and bitter about it. So she took me for what I was worth, and everything I owned, and left me with my vehicle which became my home for awhile untill my partner became aware of the situation and took me under his wing till I get back on my feet. It's been extremely rough trying to stay strong and at the same time, Focus and do my job. I'm still working with lawyers and friends to get things back to where they were, But unfortunately this doesn't happen overnight.

Just felt obligated to clear the mystery up as I feel some of you here really are an "extended" family.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Talk to you guys Later.


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Sorry to hear that. It sucks that when couples break up that, instead of leaving it at that, they try to make the others life as worse as possible.


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Owch man that's tough. Sorry to hear about that. It's nice to know your partner is looking out for you more than just what the job requires.

If you need anything, let us know.
Wow sorry to hear that! Take that as a lesson learned. I see it all to common at my Job. Don't get married! I forget the exact numbers but its around 70% of marriages fail.

If you are going to marry I strongly advise a prenuptial agreement. That's the only way I'd consider getting hitched. No way would I let her take what I've worked to get.


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ffs, women!! why do they feel the need to do this to us when we piss em off? I dont know if I can ever marry.


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Wow man sorry to hear that, I was kind of wondering where you were, at least you have a good job so you'll be able to rebuild what you had before, good luck!


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ffs, women!! why do they feel the need to do this to us when we piss em off? I dont know if I can ever marry.
Yeah honestly I can't say theres a woman out there at all I trust not to stab me in the back a few years later and steal all my possessions.. and get away with it.

Sorry to hear about your troubles man.