STILL Deciding Mp3 players,Narrowed it down.

Ok,I did make a thread like this not too long ago,but now this is a poll lol.

So i sold my Ipod (Sound quality sucks,i hate itunes) and so im in the market for a new MP3 player.

I Was looking at the either the Creative Zen Vision W or the Cowon A3.

-There both the size i want (Smaller than a PSP)
-Enough Capacity i need (More than 20gb)
-Nice Sized Screen
-Within budget

But i dont know which one to get.I have owned a creative zen V plus before,so im familiar with the layout of the GUI and the software so i would feel at home with the Vision W,and the sound quality was good.The Cowon looks good too,With TV in and out,and also i have heard they have the best overall sound quality? Plus The fact it supports quite alot of formats!

So,I cant decide between the two,so really i just want some opinions

BUT I do have a question,Alot of my music is in M4A Format (not DRM Locked),Do these 2 players support M4A? And Also i use Linux,Do any of these players support Linux?

Thankyou very much in advance!!

EDIT;Im Now also looking at the new 32gb Zen,mainly because of its size....Any thoughts on it?


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to be honest id pick non
i got an ipod touch (8,16, or 32G)
and i couldnt have been any happyer that i bought it


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Got to agree............get an iPod.
Work great............great software application and the most accessories of anything out there.