Steel vs. Aluminum, and is this case any good?

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I just bought this case:

From CompUSA for $80 after MIR. First of all, will an aluminum case like this really have a difference in not heating a room up as much as a steel case?

Because after I picked it up, I noticed how big the case is. I love it, looks pretty slick. It might have a little more than I need, though. 4 CD/DVD slots, 2 floppy slots, etc. I'm going to be living in a college dorm next year, and the rooms are very small, so I don't know.. If anyone can vent some of their opinions at this case (and my situation), please do, thanks.


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It's a good case; I'd say try calling the dorm you're staying in and finding out from them if a large computer case is appropriate for their rooms.


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Thats nice man. Besides the fact its all about what you like, rather then other peoples opinions. That case is equiped with some nice features. Steel is worse then aluminum by far. The first thing is weight. For heat issues, aluminum is better. Thats why they make engines out of aluminum opposed to steel. They made alot of engines out of Iron, then try'ed steel. Steel was not successful because it does not distribute heat evenly. As you know the pistons are in the middle of the block, which a tremendous amount of heat was static.

But Iron and aluminum distribute heat evenly. Just like copper, thats why people like copper heatsinks. So heat is no issue here.
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