Steam Sales


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How many here like Steam sales whether it's a random sale or a holiday sale? I've bought quite a few games from Steam sales. During last years holiday sale I got Mirrors Edge, Assassins Creed, Street Fighter IV and Far Cry 2 I believe.

It appears Steam is having a sale everyday now, a different game everyday. I recently picked up Dead Space and Dead Space 2, even though Mass Effect 2 wasn't on sale I bought that as well.

So what games has everyone else picked up during holiday sales?


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I've gotten quite a few games on sale, but the best sale I have probably seen. ARMA II was $9.99 for one weekend. Its a $39.99 game.


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Generally I only buy Steam games when they are on sale. RARELY can I justify a 60$ game and that seems to be what most of them are these days. Most of the time 10-35$ that game is getting bought. I will play it someday... :D