Steam Rejects Correct Password.


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After Playing Gmod for a while, my grandpa took back my 2gb stick of ram, so I started playing Blueshift, My freinds, however, did not understand that I had 256 of ram, So, I exited steam and started whatching Youtube.

About 12 hours later, I try logging in.
Rejected my password, no biggie, I get typo's all the time, but about the 10th time, I shut my computer off and rebooted it, hoping Steam would automaticly logg in. It didn't.

So I continuously coppied my correct password to the blank, and Steam Continually Rejected it.

5 days later:

I finnally contacted Steam Support, the told me I must verify the same credit card I used to buy my games(about $90 worth). I asked where I could do that, but had no answer.

I made sure my account wasn't hacked, by going online to, and looked into my favorite group: F*** the Hackers.

I was still there as [fTH] aPanzerIV, but somthing was odd: it said my last online was 12 hours ago, although I hadn't used it in a week.

2 days later:

I check back on steam, and the time remained unchanged: 12 hours, 37 minutes.

None of the 3 computers I use steam on except my desktop have even been used in the past week: Dell Lappie sitting on the desk, Gateway sitting stacked under my grandpa's tax returns, and my desktop, on my desktop.

How do I fix this? Better yet- Where do I verify my credit card?

Oh, not .org, .com

Oh, haha, How did I get Player of the week, WTF? I haven't been on for a week! LOL