Steam is two-timing me


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OK, I bought this.

Counter Strike Source Multiplayer Pack, see.

And it installed Steam and everything like it's supposed to.

And it plays fine for 2 weeks or so.

Then whenever I try to launch the program, it says "Did you like the free Day or Defeat weekend? If so, you can buy the full thing here".

But I've already bought the full thing!

Now CS:S won't even launch. I click it and it says "launching game..." Then the screen turns black and and then I'm at my desktop again without me running CSS.

I'm mad. :mad:

Half Evil

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Give me 10 bucks and you can use my account, and ill give it back when your done with my account.

Just kidding..

Thats weird, ive never had anything like that, so reinstall sounds like the best option. If all else fails, call them.