State of Emergency

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Let Anarchy Rein Supreme. In this game the world is rioting against the establishment (Right On Man!). You play as an agent for those in the rebellion, causeing mayhem and havoc, all while avoiding the police and agents. With all kinds of weapons at your disposal the name of the game is destroys anything and everything. A new feature to the Xbox version is a multiplayer mode. So now two people can wreak havoc hell bent on a path of destruction. This game is very simple to learn pick your guy find a weapon (or use your fist) and destroy anyone or anything in sight.

I give this game 6 out of 10.
I've played through the PS2 version... while it's nice to have over 200 autonomous character models on the screen, the gameplay is simply repetitive... just the usual, perpetual smashing. Doesn't get any better as the game advances, either.
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