Starwars REMIX


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Haha, I liked that :p

I wonder how some DJ's do some of the stuff they do.

For example, do you know when he was trying to copy the tune on the first record using the second by changing positions? What would that record consist of? notes on each track, hes simply skipping to? With the beat bit in hte middle somewhere? :p

I like it when he puts the beat on though, amazing stuff :p
I've always wanted to be able to do that, but can't afford the decks/mixers, etc :(

Does anyone know, and this is related, where I can get videos of tutorials on how to DJ mix? like free videos to download?


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my cousin djs he goes on forums and clubs and learns that way. think thats the best way. cant really learn u gotta listen and i guess pick it up. what he does there is called scratching which in my opinion isnt really that hard but to be good you gotta be awesome like theres no other like q-bert who is good but regular mixing is wat requires a lot of skill.