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Hey all! I think I wanna start programming, a little endeavor of mine i always wanted to do. But, I have no clue where to start. I've heard of C++ and Visual Basic and all that crap, but I don't know which language to choose, what programs to get, what books to read, ANY of that stuff. So..if you all could help that would be great!!:D
Every language has it's uses, what type of programs are you going to write, ie. what do you want to do? Applications? Games?
PHP!!!! :) Web programming is where it's gonna be!

A cool thing you might do while you're learning VB, is get a few books on ASP (active server pages) or PHP (PreProcesser Hypertext) You'll have the ability to create badass websites...and maybe create forum software like VBuilliten and sell it for $160 a pop!! Hopefully one day i'll be all takes time though!

Just like Anibus said...
Honestly, to be able to learn everything is gonna take you a lifetime.
If you're looking for a career in programming then pick something like C++ etc etc and stick with it.
Probably I'll stick with VB and maybe some ASP or PHP like you said. I'm addicted to the internet, so that will suit me well :).
PHP definately. To start especially. I learnt C++ and then PHP. But now when I think of it, PHP would've been easier to start. Its literally the easiest language out there. Prolly even simpler then Basic. :p
Visual Basic (The language to end all languages)

My personal choice is Visual Basic. Not because I have a specific bias towards Visual Basic but because with the release of .NET, Visual Basic is now faster and more useful than ever. Now with the same engines under the hood as C++, there is no reason to learn a harder language, when you can learn an easier one, and cut your work time in half without losing quality or speed. So read (unbiased) reviews on both of them and take my words into consideration, before you make your choice.
Hmm, most of u suggested PHP but do you think its so wildspread.. i have never seen any section devoted to it on any of the sites i have visited, so to begin with i suggest VB ...more than C++ since VB is absolutely to the point, the syntaxes understood better and the help was neater... ( i know a lot of guys will shout about creating more efficient programs in C).
One thing to get clear from the start is PHP is not a programming language. It is a scripting language. There for is totally different to VB (do not mistake VB with VBScript).

I myself don't know VB I am a C++ programmer, and can only talk from C++ experience. It is, I believe one of the best languages to learn as it is one of the most complete languages out there.

NOTE: Also have a look at C#. C# is the new kid on the block of the C family.

C++ can be used to code everything from entire Operating Systems, to quick Applications, from the coolest 3D games to 2D card games like Solitaire.

It is not the easiest language to work with (or for that matter learn) but the rewards are most certainly there once you have it down. Also once you have a firm understanding of C++ moving around other languages is much easier. For example I need to code a website for a friend and had to use PHP to create each page dynamically it took about 1 week to learn the ins and out's of PHP.

There are so many other reasons that I could suggest learning C++, but this is a forum not a sales pitch. What ever you choose to learn I hope you find programming as enjoyable as I do.
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