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Hi there,

I'm using Windows XP and had two questions about the start-up programs/processes. First of all, for example, when I start up my computer ICQ automatically loads. I rarely use this program and would rather not have it load up when I start up my computer. These type of programs are shown on the taskbar on the right hand side.
How do you disable these type of programs from loading when you start your computer?
Second, while your computer is running, if you hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete the task manager will pop up. When I click on the PROCESSES tab I see a ton of programs running. Here are some of them: EXPLORER.EXE, SPOOLSV.EXE, PCTSPK.EXE, realplay.exe, and SVCHOST.EXE (there are 5 of these running at the same time). What I want to know is:
a)How do I find out what exactly these programs are?
b)How do I disable the unwanted ones from loading when I start up my computer?
One other thing I was wondering about. When I'm on my computer, every once in a while, an icon will show up on the right hand side of the task bar with this message attached to it, "New hardware has been detected on your computer" then it lists the new hardware as being"UUUEU U UUUUUEUUUUUUUUUU" I never have installed it, looks like a virus to me. I have Norton and get updates on a regular basis, Norton doesnt seem to think its a virus. When I search my computer by entering the name of the file, nothing shows up on my computer as being named that.
How do I find where its located on my computer? How do I find out what this program is? How do I delete it?

Thank you for your time,
Those settings are primarily within your system registery. There are several programs that isolate programs from the registry and allow you to edit the properties associated with them (ie., ICQ loading at boot). A quick search on should give you a few.
Re your question on auto startups - there is an excellent site called Pacman's Portal that has extensive info on how to remove programs from auto start (different techniques have to be used for different situations - eg some can reinstall themselves in the startup list). It also has a huge list of programs with indications as to which system they belong to. (Copy it into Excel and build yourself a search facility - it is so long it needs it!!)
I don't know the web address but search on pacman, pacman's portal, startup, paul collins etc and you are sure to find it.
Goto startmenu>run> (type) msconfig (hit ok)

Now there is a startup tab

uncheck whichever u want, not to load during startup.

This is not applicable for windows NT or windows 2000
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