Starcraft Problem! Help!

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I use to be able to play this game with no problems, and for some reason, i got rid of it and stopped playing it for a while, then i wanted to start again, but whenever I go on Battlenet, or try at least. It says "Unable to identify your application version, please reinstall and try again" And I've tried with 2 Brood War CD's now and and i tried reinstalling, how the hell do i fix this?
First off, be sure to have your game patched with the latest fix (usually available off Blizzard's site or any computer gaming-related site).
Have you upgraded your OS since you last played it? I used to use windows 98 then when i upgraded to Windows XP not all off my older games worked.

hmm i have windows Xp Home addition, StarCraft was working fine for a long time, then i got a virus and had to redo my entire system starting with a fdisk. Now, I am having the same problem with StarCraft and Bnet not 'verifing version number'. Can anyone tell me what they have done to fix that problem?
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