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Had a crash and had to re-install XP and IE6 with all their updates
and I have lost the facility to "enable Hibernate" in "Power" and I can't get Standby either. Anyone have a clue how to get these back. Someone suggested tapping spcebar on Shutdown but htis didn't help. Kindly advise.
Thought for the day. Using Asus A7V333 with BIOS Rev 1015.
Power management is set to "User Defined" but where do I find Standby/Hibernate enable?
Have you this option?

Does it look something like this? Cause if not, your chipset MAY NOT support it.


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No, unfortunately not. It did until I had a major crash and had to re-install XP pro and all its updates and then re-install much software. Curiously I'd also lost Standby, but this returned when I updated nVdia GeForce drivers. But still no "Hibernate"
By using config.sys I eventually found a program which caused my problem and "Hibernate" has been recovered. Thanks to those who tried to advise me.
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