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hey guys,

just adding up the cost of a new build. i started thinking to my self, is there a real need for me to get an SSD, i wont be putting any programs or games on it, just the OS. if i put everything but the OS on a HDD it will defeat the purpose of the SSD. am i right ?


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No your not. The OS will run much faster and better on a ssd than a hard drive. This means that things such as boot and any windows related software will run much faster. Yes you will be bottlenecked by the HDD if you need to access it to run programs but if you get a decent sized ssd then you can install a few of your main programs such as your web browser that you use a lot on that to also gain the advantage of the ssd speed.

Your upgrade wont be pointless but I understand where your coming from.


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SSD / Hard Drive hybrids right now are the norm for folks who can't afford the large capacity drives. I own several SSDs, two at home, one at work, and I use them all in the same regard.

OS / Main programs = SSD (Main programs being browsers, Office 2010, and at work, my work related apps, and at home, some of my smaller games)
Games / Media = Hard drive (Your media, things like mp3s and even movies say from Amazon or iTunes, don't need much to play back, so they'd be fine on a hard drive)

The drives I use are:

Corsair 120GB = Desktop at work, laptop at home
Intel 40GB = Netbook at home