sprint 5 gb /moutn cap shpuld I worry?

soviet prince

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I was thinking about getting mifi 2200 which is a wireless internet service that allows you to connect up to 5 wifi devices. I was aiming to get this because the only thing available in my area is dial up, satellite, or air card. the problem is I am worried about the 5 gig cap a month they have. here are my activity

online gaming
searching message boards and random websites occasionlly(on for most of the day)
I dont download any movies, and a song or a useful program ever know and then.

my brother and mom
play online games facebook and myspace.

I want to know if I should worry about surpassing the 5 gig cap, thiis is my only option to ever get to play online games and I am wondering if I should worry about being charged for going over.