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Ok, i've had about enough. I've looked and looked. Now i'm going to the experts.

Here's the deal. We have a large enterprise network. I don't know what the servers are running, we don't have access. What i do have is 300+ users in my section of admining and were seeing a spoolsv.exe issue in abouot 80% of them. We just upgraded to windows vista enterprise. I hate it, but it's what the company demands.

We have globally added about 25 different printers, accross 4-5 different print cue servers. We tested manually adding and still have the issue. Basicly the spoolsv.exe is showing up connecting to a "wsusserver1" in the network section of the resource monitor. Now, I cannot find, nor has anyone ever heard of our network having a "wsusserver1" attached to our network. Randomly, it will lock up the system. Whatever program you are printing from as well as the printer cue in control panel will lock up. Requiring a restart to the spooler service itself before it will work again. This is mainly an issue at log in, but has been seen at later points in the day.

My main hope is that someone has seen this and knows a fix. It seems unlikely because it's so unique. However, my secondary hope is for someone to explain what connections the spoolsv.exe needs to connect to accross the network. I thought it needed the domain controler or the print cue servers. But it's not going there at all. Anyone???
Yes, but they are stating that they do not see the problems anywhere else on the network, and that it is something local. However, after speaking to other areas, they are also having the issue. Regardless, they are not willing to work with us for a fix.
You need to check your devices and find out what is set as the default printer on these machines. That is the printer spool service that is causing the issue. The Spool Service is what the print project is sent to before it prints out.

So you have to check the devices and find out what the default printers are and if they are setup to a network printer doulbe check the network settings to make sure that those are proper.
Trust me, if it was something simple I have checked it already. As far as the default goes, it's set to the microsoft image writer in the image. We change it after we setup a user, but there is no difference between those that are broken and those that are not in that aspect.

Like I said, I think it is with this connection crap, but i don't know what connections the spoolsv.exe needs or what should be proper.
The spools service will use the default connection. The same one that the network uses. There isnt an answer cause there is no proper answer. Cause each network is setup differently.

The only option i see at this point for you will be to try a Restore Point on one of the machines. Or get the tech guys to re-image it. Cause there isnt going to be an answer that will satisfy what your looking for.
Please don't misunderstand. I am the tech the created the image, as well as the guy that has setup and maintained these computers for years now. I am not as low level as I may appear. I am also asking if you might know what the spoolsv.exe connects to? I cannot understand why any spooler would need to contact a WSUS server. Or for that matter why is would use all of my fiber bandwith to do it. I think there is a deeper issue here the surface level problems like re-imaging. As i said, it's happening to 80% of our users. Not everyone on the current image is having the problem. Also like i said, i didn't expect to find the answer to my main problem BECAUSE it was so unique. All i want to know is what the spoolsv.exe should connect to....if anything? Regardless of my current network configuration, a standard network would have the pc looking to a DNS server to resolve names, regardless of what mine is named. So, should the spoolsv.exe be connecting to anything, on a standard network, and if so, what?
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