Golden Master
If I downloaded a large program off a website, would it be possible in any way to split it into two or three equal files. The reason I am asking this is because when I go to St. John's next year I wanted to download a file which is over 4GB and I don't have access to a DVD burner in there, just a CD burner.


Daemon Poster
Use WinRar to split the files into smaller bits and then put back together on your PC

When you make a new RAR file, it lets you specify the maximum size per archive, WinRAR then makes multiplefiles, with the extensions .RAR, .R01, .R02, .R03, etc. To decompress the content of your split RAR file, just open the .RAR file and compress the files like usual. WinRAR will jump from part to part during decompression on its own.