spinning screen


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ok so i was working in the school's computer lab (larry's lab the new guy here) i was helping trying to uninstall some screensavers. ok so there are some 7th graders in there slacking off playing games, and one after the other the screens started to turn 90 degrees at a time. about 10 minutes apart. they would turn 90 degrees about every 10 seconds, we rebooted and they were fine but i am assuming they started doing it again, i don't know because the bell rang and i had to go. BUT MY QUESTION IS, WAS THIS THE SEMPTOMS OF THE NEW VIRUS'S THAT CAME OUT, IF NOT WHAT IS IT?


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some of the computers at our school would do that if you press a certain key combo. for some of the computers here if you hit [crtl]+[arrow key] the screen would turn 90 or 180 degrees depending on the arrow key you hit, i just think they are screwing with you.