SPDIF to 3.5mm?


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I hooked up my 360 to my computer monitor, an ASUS VH242H 1080p 23.6" monitor via HDMI cable, and the picture is just fine. However, the audio comes out of the monitor speakers and it isn't so svelte. I have a set of M-Audio AV30 speakers that I like and want the audio from the 360 to go to the AV30's and not the monitor.

I tried using a 3.5mm jack cable from the monitors headphone output to the speakers aux in but it didn't work. There is an SPDIF port but I've never used that kind of thing before and am wondering if that's different from a normal 3.5mm audio jack and if so if it's possible to get like a SPDIF to 3.5mm cable and if it would work?

Any help is much appreciated.


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my friend you need an xbox audio and video out to seperate the units capabilities if the audio comes from another port seperate to hdmi leave the hdmi and take the audio from there. if its not that good you need to go from the hdmi and split audio and video. depends on what your looking to do and how far you want to take it?

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just reading again spidif out from the xbox is a good digital out use that to do audio but buy a converter to hook to the m audios and always pick the best link phono then balanced or digital to digital

god bless u in jesus name raju