Spanish 6800...


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Ok, as some of you may know, Im in spain at the minute, and I have found a very nice little computer shop..and seeing as how I am going home tomorrow..and have quite a bit of money left..I may as well spend it..

There is a 6800 in this shop, PCI-e, 256MB, for 70 euros! That´s like 50 odd quid! I really want to buy it..but, I am worried that because its spanish and stuff..the voltages might be different, and something might just go wrong..

Does anyone have any idea about this sort of stuff..? Will it be the same as just an english 6800?

I hope I can get some answers..because I really want to buy it..I can also get 2GB RAM for 50 euros! But the 6800 is my main priority..


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i don't think you need to worry. Voltages and what not should be the same on all graphx cards. the difference is the voltage settings you use on your powersupply. I would check with the person in the store anyways and ask them if it would work ok there.