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Looking for suggestions for a spam filtering in a small office. I've got about 10 machines using Outlook 2003. Our mail servers are not in house, so I can't filter at the server.

I'd prefer something that doesn't act as an inbetween mail server on the client machines. I know many filters store messages and you have to OK their download to Outlook. Don't want that as many of the users would find a way to screw things up. I need something that plugs into Outlook and automatically filters as the mail is downlaoded, then passes it along to Outlook.

Either that or something I could use system wide to filter all email accounts (remember, the server is not in house).


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What you could do is use the Outlook Rules Wizard to configure your own rules for email with certain words or Phrases in the subject line.


I would create 2 or more rules.... 1 as a 'safe list' for emails from certain addresses that will be kept, perhaps another safe list for certain words or phrases in the subject line, and then the spam killer rule... NOTE that the rulez are TOP DOWN.... meaning, the TOP rule in the wizad, is the FIRST one processed, so put the safe lists at the VERY TOP...

For each rule, make sure to select the 'Stop processing other rules' at the bottom of EACH ONE... If you don't and you get an email that matches each of the 3 lists, it will be coppied, and sent to the 3 different destinations (if you have each rule pointing to a different folder). For spam, just create a 'spam' folder, and send the email there so that if it IS legitamate, keep it, and add it to the safe list. That shouldbn't be too hard to do with only 10 clients...


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I would just go with an offsite Barracuda setup. You will just point some MX records and A record the Barracuda then it will send it on to you. Its seamless. We use Eprism from Stbernard but I actually take care of the config and then appliance itself.
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