Space on drive


Whenever I want to see how much space I am using on Drive C, I go to My computer>>>rRight click on C>>>>and it tells me.
But I check it one day and it says i have 4 gig free....I check it the other day it says I have 10 gig free...and sometimes 2 gig.....I havent installed/re-installed anything major between the times i seems it is inacurate....strange..anyone know what to do ?


In Runtime
strange, never seen that ...
have you got xp? if so go to contol panel > switch to classic view > administrative tools > computer management > storage > disk management (local).
That would show you a far better representation of what you're looking for - do you use something like Kazaa or especially Shareaza; which saves the full file you want downloaded then makes it when it gets the right information?