sp2 Problem Help Needed


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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have?

I was running an ad-hoc home network between 2 computers, basically to share an internet connection which up until now had no problems what so ever.

Both computers are running on Xp Profesional, the host computer already had the sp2 update installed however when the client computer updated to the sp2 pack the client computer was unable to surf the internet.

We tried turning off the widows firewall as the client computer was saying it was firewalled, but the client computer was still unable to browse although the wireless connection was showing a good connection.

My sister then uninstalled sp2 from the client computer thinking that all would be returned to normal and work as it was before the update and this is where the problem started, now the client computer is continuously restarting and is therefore unable to boot.

I hope that I have supplied enough information for someone to help me in this matter.

Yours Hopefully

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check to verify that SP2 didn't remove your wireless settings... make sure your SSID is still there for AD-HOC .. and make sure its getting IP's and is able to ping the host computer...

its possible for SP2 to change back to defaults on wireless connections once installed... aslo you should install all the patches for SP2.. theres are i think 18 security updates currently for SP2.. and I highly recommend installing them.