Soundboard/DAW software + Sound packs


The strange one
I'm looking for some sort of software that will allow me to map sound files to keys on my keyboard so when I press L, for example, it will play a sound file that I have mapped to L.

Additionally if anyone knows where I can buy licenses to sound packs for a reasonable cost. I'm looking for what could be your typical radio broadcast sounds like boings, swooshes, clashes, standard animal noises like cats, dogs, african stripped rhinos, other misc noises like buzzers, the inception slam, tea kettles, and of course psychotic housewife screams.

Really I think I found a good sound pack its called Designer sound FX - its kindof pricey so if anyone knows of any alternatives to suggest that would be great.
Simplest way would be to setup some AutoHotKey scripts that play the audio file.

As for dedicated software...not sure. You'd probably have to look into some DJ or broadcasting software.
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