soundblaster 5.1 to front audio jacks problem

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hi ppl
i just got this case with a mic and speaker jack at the front of the case. like most new cases have it standard. the thing is my soundblaster live 5.1 has like a 40 pin (20x2) connector sort of shaped like an ide pin for connection to its $200 live drive. now as i only need the mic and speaker outputs i dun intend on spending 200 bucks on that.

the mic and speaker jack are like on the pci card itself using 1/8 inch jacks. i need to know how to connect the five pins from my front jacks to my soundcard. the five pins are labled as


the pins on the soundcard are labelled as follows:

Pin Name Description
1 VCC +5V power supply
2 VCC +5V power supply
3 GND Ground
4 AC97CLK 24.5 MHz clock output
5 GND Ground
6 GP_SPDIFIN#2 SPDIF input signal
7 GND Ground
8 GND Ground
9 SPDIFO#3 SPDIF Out signal
10 GPO1 General Purpose Output #1
11 GPO2 General Purpose Output #2
12 GND Ground
13 GPO0 General Purpose Output #0
14 GND Ground
15 GP_SPDIFIN1 SPDIF Input signal
16 GND Ground
17 SPDIFO#0 SPDIF Out signal

18 GND Ground
19 SPDIFO#1 SPDIF Out signal
20 GND Ground
21 GND Ground
22 SPDIFO#2 SPDIF Out signal
23 GPI0 Digital Input (GP Input 0; Reserved)
24 GPI1 Digital Input, (GP Input 1; Reserved)
26 GND Ground
28 GND Ground
29 KEY
30 KEY
31 ADCSDO2 I2S audio data input.
32 GND Ground
33 ADCSDO1 I2S audio data input.
34 GND Ground
35 ADCSDO0 I2S audio data input.
36 GND Ground
37 I2SCLK I2S serial bit clock.

38 GND Ground
39 I2SFS Frame sync.
40 GND Ground

as u can see its all a bit too hard to understand for novices like me so im here after an exhaustive but unfufilled search on the net. pls, any help will be great. thanks
The front panel connectors should have a standard plug.. if that plug does not fit onto your soundblaster then you are screwed... if the front panel has seperate wires and plugs for the mic and the audio ports then you will need to connect the red wire side of the plug to a SPDIF input and the black side to a GND for the mic and for the audio input you will need to use 33,34 & 35,36... red and black respectively.
I tried this once too. The 40-pin connector on the SB Live only has digital outputs/inputs. You have to build a digital/analog converter circuit. Anyway, I just ended up connecting the wires to a standard 1/8" plug which runs through the back of my case and plugs into the jacks on the soundcard. I use a headphone splitter so I can still have speakers hooked up or use the headphone jack on the front. If you are familiar with building circuits, this page might help: Good luck - and if you get it to work - please let me know how so I can build the circuit myself!
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