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Hey guys, has been a few months since I've built a system, our church is in need of a new sound/video booth computer. I'm no sound expert but they have a complete sound board/system etc... so it's all run externally to the comp, so I'm guessing onboard is fine. I need some confirmation on my build idea for them. They've had problems in the past with people building them systems and they asked me to find one at future shop or best buy that would meet their needs but I'm thinking that's a big waste of $$$. I'd like to instead bring them a decent build option from a local reputable place, what do you think of this build?

- 3-4 video outputs (sound booth monitor, two projectors, LCD announcment monitor)
- No sig HDD space
- So special sound needs
- Decent video playback options
- Multitaskability

Here is what I'm thinking:
- X3 435
- ASUS M4A785TD-V Evo 785G
- 640 WD HD
- Antec 300
- 4GB DDR3
- Win 7 Pro 64 bit
- HX650W
- Dual 4770

What do you guys think? See any holes or drawbacks? Anywhere I could cut back a bit and save some $$$?
? Why Dual 4770?
Get a single 5770.
Besides that board is x16 x4 crossfire anyway.

I advise against the Antec 300 because of the amount of fans.
If this is a sound unit, they'll want it to be quiet.
Antec 300's can sound like wind tunnels.
Go for a case with less fans, or go for a case without fans and install some silent fans in it yourself.

The rest looks ok.
Also if you get a single GPU you can cut the PSU down to a 500w.
Ah, i like that 5770, dual dvi for the projectors, vga for monitor and hdmi for LCD display monitor. I didn't even think of that.

Yeah, the 300 was on sale, disconnecting a fan or two is no problem...figured i'd grab what i knew to be decent quality for price.

Any other motherboard suggestiions?

[ah, I remember one of the reasons for the dual setup....lets them save some $$$ buy getting one card now and upgrading later when they get the second projector setup, meh, I'll give them both options and let them decide.]
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