sound recording issue


Fully Optimized
I can't record any sounds that go through my sound card. I can get them to record if everything is at max volume but it's not much, it's sort of faint and barely comes through. I've tried Freecorder, Nero Wave Editor, and Blaze Media but none of them are any different. I've read that this is common with integrated sound but I didn't have this problem on my other PC... I'm using onboard audio Sigmatel Audio which came standard on my dell. I've read online that this is common and that the best thing to do is buy a new sound card. Is that true? If so could anyone recommend a cheap soundcard that will let me record sounds from it and that has 5.1 support? also does anyone know of any programs that will let me record real and windows media videos? I have some music videos and live shows that I would like to put on my ipod. I'll give out positive rep to anyone who can help. Any other suggestions also welcome.