sound probs in win98se

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i have a p3-450mhz with 192mb ram running win98se and win xp. my soundcard is Creative Ensoniq Pci.
For a few days everything was fine but suddenly one day, i noticed that the driver for the soundcard was missing.I reinstalled the driver after which the speaker icon came in the system tray indicating the presence of the soundcard. But there was no sound in win98. Everything was fine winxp. I again tried reinstalling the drivers after which i suddenly got a message"Ensoniq Pci interrupt routed incorrectly by the system. Please change the settings to automatic in device manager. Ensoiq Pci inactive."
I checked the device manager--> Sound and game controllers--> Creative ensoniq Pci(exclamation mark)--> Properties--> Resources. I found that it was already set to automatic. And on the prvious page i found a message, this hardware is conflicting with other hardware.
Also i tried to change the settings manually to a value which did not conflict with any other values. But after pressing OK i get the same error messg again. after restarting the PC, i get a blue dos screen giving me the same error message again and windows starts but then i get a message saying, there is some problem with your dispklay settings, they do not match(i have a riva tnt2 card). This continues until i remove the device(ensoniq pci) from the device manager or disable it. As a result there si no sound in win98 and win xp. PLease help and any help would really be appreciated.
Sounds like you're having an IRQ conflict.

Windows 98 is notorious for its poor assignment of IRQ addresses. This could be why you didn't have the problem in Windows XP, which is by far more adept at doing so.

To solve the problem, check your motherboard manual. Somewhere in there should be a chart explaining exactly which PCI/ISA slots use which IRQ addresses. Some are slots share addresses, which is where Win98 runs into problems. Using the chart, figure out which device(s) are conflicting with your sound card, and then move the cards around to an appropriate configuration.

If you don't have a motherboard manual, or don't know what motherboard you have (and as such, can't get a manaul online) you're going to have to "plug and pray" *grins*. Just swap your sound card into a different slot, start up the comp, and see what happens.

Hope that helps!
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