sound problem...


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I've got a strange problem. I bought a wireless mn730 pci card for the internet. For the first week or two, it worked fine. Now, everytime I turn off my computer, it disconnects me from the internet and then only way I can reconnect is to uninstall the broadband driver and software, then reinstall it. This takes about 10 minutes and I've been doing it everyday, but now I'm tired of it. Also, I've got a soundblaster live sound card and creative 5.1 speakers. The only way my audio device works though is when I'm connected to the internet. What is going on? I lost my driver cd for my sound card but I tried reinstalling it from the website.

Gary Graefen

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When ever I have a problem like this I first try taking the card out and reinsert it into the pci slot. Your wireless card might be making poor contact in the slot. Especially if it has gotten dirty. Then I would search the manufacters website for driver software and upgrades. Try the wireless card with the sound blaster removed-if it works ok Id supect the audio card is making spurious radio signals.