Sound prob: Realtek audio is repeating

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Ok First of all its not an echo, the only thing I can think of being similar is a repeater. Let me explain, I don't hear this all taking place, but rather other people do.

Using the program teamspeak, when people talk it bounces off me(I hear it), and back to them(so they can hear themselves). I don't have speakers, only headphones, and it goes out with enough volume to cause feedback bouncing off a person using speakers(so its not sound escaping the headphones and going into the mic). I can actually hear a person twice because there sound bounces off me with enough sound level to go out their speakers and back into their mic.

Another similar program Ventrillo doesn't have this problem, so its not 100% driver. Other people with teamspeak don't have this problem so its not 100% software. Realtek uses some jack sence bs, basicly if I hooked everything up wrong it could correct the problem(in theory). I'm guessing this ability is part of the problem, but nothing is hooked up wrong. I've played with all the driver audio settings, the teamspeak settings, and nothing seems to work. I'm open to suggestions at this point.

I don't really want to spend money on a new sound card, because other then this funky sound problem, its given me no sh!t.

mb is gigabyte GA-K8NF-9, I'm running 32bit xp.


...I'm still a bit confused but I get the gist of your issue. There are many possible causes for this echo effect. you use teamspeak with headphones for audio output, and a microphone for audio input, right? And you hear an 'echo' of another person's voice through teamspeak...correct?

If this is the case, then it's not very likely to be your problem. If you're using headphones and a microphone, then there's a slim chance of audio leaking out of your headphones and into your microphone causing an echo effect.

What setup are other people using who speak through teamspeak? If they are using speakers to output audio and a microphone to input audio, then it's very likely that they are causing the problem...

...If their microphone gain level is set to high sensitivity, and / or their speakers are turned up high, then this can cause an echo effect. However this only occurs if the person has set their audio properties to output their own microphone audio to their speakers. Their voice inputted through their microphone, is outputted through their speakers, then is picked up by their microphone and the cycle continues until the energy eventually dissipates. This resultant echo also travels through teamspeak, to your computer over the internet, and is the echo you hear...

...You may also hear your own voice echo through teamspeak because your voice is inputted through your microphone, across the internet to teamspeak on the other person's computer, outputted through their speakers and is then picked up by their microphone, to be outputted through their speakers once more and detected by their microphone in another continuous cycle until the energy dissipates (same as what happens in the blue paragraph above). You can therefore hear your own voice echo, as well as the other person's voice over teamspeak.

To stop this echo, teamspeak users need to ensure that they haven't set their audio settings to output their own microphone audio through their own speakers (if speakers are used)- therefore eliminating the echo effect. But if users want to hear their own voice through their own speakers, then they should lower their speaker volume, and / or lower their microphone gain sensitivity to minimise the echo effect.

However, the best thing is simply for all teamspeak users to use headphones and a microphone.
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Confusion is understandable, but its not really an echo. Ok if you were to compare this to an echo, I would be the wall the sound bounces off of. I have a hard time trying to classify, or define what this problem should be reffered to as.

Alvin.C said: you use teamspeak with headphones for audio output, and a microphone for audio input, right? And you hear an 'echo' of another person's voice through teamspeak...correct?

Yes thats the correct setup. Negative, when someone else talks my system is some how confusing audio output with audio input. Everytime anyone talks my broadcast lights up, and its going out with enough volume to cause a feedback loop with people using speakers. Headphones just don't have the power to do that, unless they were directly over the mic. The feedback is not a fast highpitch feedback, but like a slow low repeating sound, a very deep almost vibration that pulsates, at least on my end. To everyone else has to listen to this x2 since I don't hear the output of my machine.

People use different setups, some use headphones, and some use speakers, but I never hear my own voice.
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