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I have a 17" Viewsonic monitor. I'm running Windows 2000 and Altec Lansing speakers (small desktop speakers and a bass speaker under my desk).

Here's the problem...

When I move my mouse or load a page in my browser - basically any movement on my monitor, I hear a humming sound. It appears that I even get some humming when the PC is on but I'm not doing anything, but the sound is more pronounced when I am doing anything.

I'm not sure how to get rid of this sound. If I turn off my monitor, I can still hear it, so I'm not certain where the problem is exactly. My monitor is about 4-5 years old, but is in perfect shape.

I have a few peripherals on my desk - a USB hub, Microsoft keyboard, USB mouse, USB Palm cradle, desktop speakers.

Any idea what could be causing this humming? Suggestions on how I can get rid of it without losing any of my peripherals?

Thanks in advance...
Just out of curiosity, what motherboard and video card are you using? I had a very similar problem with my ECS K7S5A and Voodoo3 PCI. The cause had something to do with PCI latency, and buying an AGP video card fixed it completely.

Well, I equate the two because it is much more pronounced when I use the mouse or when anything significant changes on my screen (browser page, etc.).

I have several years of experience working with hardware problems, so I'm not exactly a newbie - that's why I was smart enough to ask you guys :)

This is what I have:

motherboard - Tazer II - Tyan S1854 Via 133A 4X with Integrated Components (Millennia® Max GS)

video card - VisionTek GeForce Ti-4600 128MB DDR VGA/DVI-I/S-Video (using nVidia video drivers)

OS - Windows 2000 Pro w/ latest SPs

What else might you need to know about my system?

I checked the connections early on when I noticed this problem and that didn't fix anything - although my hub and speakers are pretty close to my monitor. I'm not sure I have anywhere else to put them, but I'll try moving them to at least rule signal interference out of the equation.

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