Sound bar suggestions?

Ameer Hamza

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Can you guys tell me what features I should look for in a sound bar such as bomaker sound bar with subwoofers?

I want the best, most cost effective all rounder up to £100 only.

Please suggest what features are key to search for quality!
The BOMAKER is poor for music. This soundbar lacks bass, and as a result, it sounds bright, which isn't ideal for genres like EDM and hip-hop. There are three EQ presets that may help it a bit, but its overall sound enhancement features are limited. Here, I suggest you buy Jbl bar 9.1 True wireless sound, soundbar with Dolby Atmos Detachable wireless speakers.from VPLAK (
This soundbar delivers a thrilling bass that brings emotions to music. And have a ultimate 3D sound experience. Atmos sound bar price, it is a bit costly but worth the money you spent on it.
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