Sony Plans Big for PSP

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New info i think not i have here a bunch of info i have gathered. Today cites some illuminating comments by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Chris Deering which point towards Sony's pricing and marketing plans for the upcoming portable PlayStation. Deering proposed a remarkably broad range of pricing, At the top end, games on the system's new Universal Media Disc might cost as much as 60 euros (close to $70) in Europe. However, that seems to be the high end of things. "Probably the mass of games given the time slots these will be played in will be more the $20 range, 20-30 euros," Deering said. He also clearly indicated that the UMD will be used to package more than just games. Music and video UMDs are also in the works, with pricing comparable to current DVD and CD releases. Sony's plans for the PSP handheld are necessarily somewhat vague at this point, since the system is not slated to debut until the second half of 2004 at the earliest, but that's a pretty broad range regardless. We'll doubtless hear more precise figures as the development of the system and its medium continues. Specs:
UMD(Universal Media Disc)
Laser Diode:660nm
Dual Layer :1.8GB
Transfer Rate:11Mbps
Shock Proof
Secure ROM by AES
Unique Disc ID

MIPS R4000 32bit Core
128bit Bus
1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V
Main Memory :8MB(eDRAM)
Bus Bandwidth :2.6GB/sec
I-Cache, D-Cache
FPU, VFPU (Vector Unit) @ 2.6GFlops
3D-CG Extended Instructions

PSP Media Engine
MIPS R4000 32bit Core
128bit Bus
1 - 333MHz @ 1.2V
Sub Memory:2MB(eDRAM) @ 2.6GB/sec
I-Cache, D-Cache
90nm CMOS

PSP Graphics Core 1
3D Curved Surface + 3D Polygon
Compressed Texture
Hardware Clipping, Morphing, Bone(8)
Hardware Tessellator
Bezier, B-Spline(NURBS)
ex 4x4, 16x16, 64x64 sub-division

PSP Graphics Core 2
'Rendering Engine' + 'Surface Engine'
256bit Bus, 1-166 MHz @ 1.2V
Bus Bandwidth :5.3GB/sec
Pixel Fill Rate :664 M pixels/sec
max 33 M polygon /sec(T&L)
24bit Full Color:RGBA

PSP Sound Core: VME
Reconfigurable DSPs
128bit Bus
166MHz @1.2V
5 Giga Operations /sec
3D Sound, Multi-Channel
Synthesizer, Effecter, etc

AVC Decoder
AVC(H.264) Decoder
Main Profile
Baseline Profile
2Hours(High Quality) - DVD movie
4Hours(Standard Quality) - CS Digital

USB 2.0
Memory Stick
Extension Port(reserved)
Stereo Head phone Out

Wireless LAN (i802.11)
USB 2.0
The system will also have built in speakers and headphone output (which the GBA SP lacks), a rechargable lithium-ion battery. So far, no games have been announced for the system. Sony is calling the PSP the "Walkman of the 21st Century."
Walkman of the 21's Century? I think not. The Ipod would fill those shoes.

I think this will have tough competition with the likes of the Ngage and other phone/game units.
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