Song in head..Plese tell me what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have a song stuck in my head....cant think of the name of it the lyrics are:

"I can see through your true colors, cuase inside your ugly, ugly like me I can see through you see to the real you."

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yeah, I hate it when you have a song in your head and can't get it out or explain to someone what it is so they can tell you it.

When I get a song in my head, I don't tend to get lyrics.


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Oh god, thats not the song that gets stuck in your head, the worst song is

"You had a bad de bluh de bluh, i donnnt know thee wooooords, soooo illllll juuuust hummmm! you had a bad day!"


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U had a bad day....
That song is soo annoying.
This summer i was on my way back from my cousin's cottage, and so we hear that song about 87598375893598 times on the way back, and so we're in the city and it comes up again so my cousin is fed up and changes the station, then we here this nice song, nice words....we listen...and then....the chorus comes up....SO U HAD A BAD DAY...blah blah blah.....and we all scream! lol