Something's going on with my computer


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Like most other PC users some kind of nasty scareware virus got a hold of my computer somehow about a month back. After a long and stressful war consisting of many bloody battles I gained the upper hand and all but dispatched the windows security center, windows security alerts, data protection, and every other fake virus scanner you can think of. But a terrorist virus cell remains acting under the guise "Sm5M6OaD.exe". Every hour on the hour is rains down on my computer in fiery chaos. Copying itself up to 81 times, spikes my cpu usage to 100% and brings my computer to a complete standstill for up to 15 minutes. Even when the flood of processes, spiked cpu/memory usage is over I still can't get firefox to work right. I have to end the firefox process and start over.

I've updated malwarebytes and scanned way to many times. I found the process in my prefetch folder but I cannot manage to rid myself of it. Feedback and tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Buzz over at computervitals reccomended this to some one that had the same problem. Turns out it was the killer cure. I tried it on my sandbox and it killed everything in it. Don't get it anywhere else but this url. There's a lot of bogus BS out there claiming to be ComboFix but has BS embedded in it.
It's slow but works.
Before running it disable your restore points. A lot of bugs hide out in them. WARNING: Disabling restore points deletes them.
Most likely they are contaminated anyway.

Once you start it don't even jiggle the mouse. Wait for the program to finish and show you the report.