Something wrong with game


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ok i have return to castle wolfenstein and well i had it for a while and i have this problem where it kinda freezes up. ok when i go to choose a server there is the punkbuster option so i want to enable it but the hting just kinda freezes and nothing else works. when i go into system manager it says the the application is running. and i cant have all the options. i have tried reinstalling it and stuff. but this mainly happened after i deleted a patch for it because i didnt like it. so now is there a way i can restore the patch or make sure i didnt delete anyting important that would cause a game to do this? ive installed it on a labtop and it runs flawlessly but it would be lots easier if i could play on my desktop.


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Usual solution to this kind of thing is updating ALL your drivers/software (Bios, Video....) Plus get all the latest patches for the game too, that 'usually' sorts the problem out, but not garunteed