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Responses to this will come from those of you with the most patience. I am a smart guy (college grad, mech. engineer, etc.), with very little computer knowledge. I think the most tech savy computer task I've completed was setting up a wireless network in my home...ooooohhh...following directions!

Anyway, I'm in the market for a new's my situation. I currently have a 5 year old Compaq Pressario 7600. It's stock except for a Seagate 160GB slave harddrive. I would like to spend $1500 or less.

What I need. Something to game with, but not too hardcore. For example, I'd like to play the new Civilization IV (which my current machine does not even qualify for its minimum requirements). I also want a laptop for basic at-home use (browsing the net, checking email from the comfort of my couch).

There are many ways to go about this. Upgrade current PC for gaming use, and purchase a cheap laptop for browsing...toss the old PC and spend it all on a multi-purpose laptop. So many options, and me with so little knowledge. I'm not necessarily looking for any specific answers here, but suggestions as to where to start would be appreciated.


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If I were you... I'd go about using the majority of the money on a gaming desktop. And then look around for a second hand laptop (200 or 300 bucks for a target area).

The main reason why NOT to get a multi-purpose laptop... The only thing upgradable on laptops are the RAM. So they can get outdated pretty quick.


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why not go all out n buy a gaming lap top, thats one option. but as in previous post its not very upgradable.

the second option, my pefered option would be a cheapo laptop, as its only for browsing, and then build your own pc, its not hard if you research how to build 1, its just basically plugging a few things in n installing windows. you can get a pretty good gaming pc for $1000 then get a laptop with the remainder of your budget.


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I think the most sensible thing to do is concentrate on the pc and just get a dirt cheap laptop, as most people have said, i guess its the most obvious thing to do aswell, and if the pc is a good one then it will last for years before its out dated and not upgradable
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