Some idiot trashed our car!


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We own a farm that we go check up on every month or so... We went there today, and my dad's got a few old cars parked there, one of which is a Pontiac Grand Am. It got broken into and somewhat trashed. They smashed in the rear drivers side window. They tried to get into the trunk, but it wont work without the key. So they ripped out the back seats to crawl in and steal the doughnut and jack. :mad: Can't contact the insurance company to get them to replace it, as it's been uninsured since the winter of '07. How much do you think it'll cost to repair the damage? Here are some pictures: (and no, you cant pull the seats down to get into the trunk like some cars. they made their own way in :p )



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The window shouldn't cost much. The backing to the seats is what is going to be pricey.
If they ripped the upholstery then you might have to replace it all to match it nicely.
Depends on how old the car is.


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The window shouldn't be too much. I had my back window hit by a pellet gun and it put a spider web crack all through the whole window. I tried to back out of my driveway to go get it fixed and the whole window spiderwebed and little pieces of glass went everywhere.

Anyway, it was like $200 for the whole back window and they came on site to do it.

The back seat, as mentioned, could be another issue. I would see if you could do most of the work yourself. Since it's old see if you can get things fixed up with a staple gun.