[SOLVED]Asus GL703GM, slow internet speed problem


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Hi everyone,

since 2 days ago, I've been having some weird problems with my internet speeds via WI-FI or cable, until the problem started my speeds were around 300 Mbps down and 150 up (the maximum i have from my ISP), but now it's only getting around 15-20 down and 5-10 up. Since then I've talked with my ISP and said that the problem is not from them and I've also talked with Asus to talk about about it and they've said to reinstall my driver for my WI-FI adaptor (Intel Wireless-AC 9560 160 Mhz), but that did nothing. I also tried to do a system restore to a date I knew I didn't have the problem, but still nothing.

At the moment i don't have any more ideas what i can do to try to fix it ,if it's even fixable and not a hardware issue, any suggestions I cold try?

Solution: Intel Driver & Support Assistant was running in the background, and I decided to uninstall it, and that did the trick for me.
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