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Just a simple question. Do the ever present games that come with Windows have cheats?

I've been told that there are cheats for solitaire and minesweeper, but I have never seen them or found them. Are there?

Dave :D

I know, who would want to cheat those two? I dunno, but I still want to find out......LoL!
There are only two that I know of and one of them doesn't work in the newer OS versions.

1. Minesweeper - Select custom game, set the width to 1000 and the height to 1000, start the game, click on any square and you automatically win. (Doesn't work any more)

2. Freecell - *NOT REALLY A CHEAT* - Go to where you can select the game number to play and put in -1 or -2. These games are unsolvable.
This works in all versions of Solitaire as far as I know.

If you have the game set to draw three cards at a time, but there is one you need and can't get to, press ctrl-alt-shift as you click on the draw pile and it will just turn over one card.
In the registry you can change scores in Pinball and Minesweeper.

I don't remember any links, but it was from TechTV.
i know of how to stop the time on minesweeper and keep it at wherever u stopped it:

open new game - click on one square then hold both mouse buttons and press escape and let go. the time should have stopped.

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